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Oils & Candle

I love candles both in my home and in my outdoor living space. I discovered that the candles we used outside didn’t help with keeping mosquitoes away. So, I began to learn all I could about the scents that repelled mosquitoes and started making my own outdoor candles.  I found that candle making was not only relaxing, but it also left me feeling like I was creating something that others would enjoy.  I wanted to make candles that were not only filled with vibrant and lingering aromas, but that were also environmentally friendly. All candles are hand poured, made with 100% natural soy wax, which burns cleaner than most other waxes, and we use natural fragrances and oils that are made from raw ingredients.  


 We have Home Scents that will make you want to stay indoors forever, but we know everyone needs sun and fresh air, our Outdoor Scent will assist with keeping those pesky mosquitoes away and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space. Our Seasonal Fragrances are filled with the beautiful aromas of each season.

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